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Sam/Hider: The Epic Fiction Of Epic Proportions (And Stuff)

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F . A . Q . :

What the fuck is 'Sider'? Well Sam/Hider shippers of course, because they are the OTP. Have you not seen the icons?

I'm still confused. *siiiigh* Okay. Sam = everything_inme. Hider = hide_r. Sam + Hider = Sider. Sider = OTP. Get it? Hope so.

How the hell did this pairing come about?! Okay, well. The Reader's Digest version is: Hider meets Sam through her site, joins LJ and friends her, wah-lah friends. Since then, Hider + Sam = LJ-BFF. They have taken on a number of communities (such as hellisbreaking) and more then ten sites on Hider's domain. If you've been on either of their flists, you know the craziness that comes when the two of us get together and none of this will surprise you.

Eventually the ship of Sider was created because according to their flists' one of them cannot exist without the other and the name 'Sider' is way better than 'Ham'. Then the craziness eventually escaladed to the point where there was a need for siderconverts.

Umk, I kind of get it but what does Sider have to do with fic? Well all you really need to know is that they have always joked about going to NYU together and being roommates. That and Sam writes good fic. So one dreary night in June of 2006 Sam and Hider had to much sugar and hatched a plan. There were going to write a Sider fic (staring themselves obviously) where they were roommates in New York and jumped into various fandom universes to reunite their favorite ships (mainly Rory and Jess from Gilmore Girls). This basic plot grew until they were planning out a huge multi-parter fic and so they figured creating a community would be the best option to keep everything straight.

So this place is just for the fic? Actually no. It’s for all things Sider-fic related. Soundtracks. Movie posters. Icons. We’re obsessive. We don’t do anything lightly.

Where is the beginning of this fic? Take a look below. We plan on keeping this info up to date with the latest chapters and developments so anyone can catch up at anytime.

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When they moved in together they were sure they were going to kill each other. Sam would never graduate from NYU and Hider would never reach any of her goals because they were both going to be dead at the hands of the other. But, of course, with the addition of hot neighbor boys, television on DVD, and DSL, things were a little more fun than fearsome. And then things got a little bit crazy ... but we just don't talk about that.

    • Prologue  •  Chapter One: TERROR  •  Chapter Two: I Don't Do Dogs  •  Chapter Three